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High School 9:12 believes that leadership is the key to success. The John Donahoo Jr High School 9:12 Leadership Academy was created to provide high school students with an experience of a lifetime. We have partnered with schools from all over Jacksonville, FL to provide selected students with an exclusive lesson taught by author Jack William on how to become a confident, competent, and effective leader. Students will have a full day of learning and collaborating with students from different schools. Every student will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the day. 


The Leadership Academy was named after Mr. Donahoo in honor of the legacy he left. 

Mr. Donahoo was born in Jacksonville, Florida on December 28th, 1938 and died May 28th, 2019. He attended Lee ( Riverside) High School, the University of Florida, Stetson University, Jacksonville University, Cumberland School of Law, and Boston University. 

John William Donahoo Jr. was a servant leader in the City of Jacksonville. He had a heart full of love that overflowed, leaving an indelible imprint on hearts and minds of so many. In the words of his daughter. "He left it all on the field." 

He was a steafast supporter of education, beloved by those who knew him professionally and personally. His servants heart for his family, friends, community, and church, guided a life devoted to the love and care of others.





Alex Fisher 

Alijah Robinson 

Ava Schreiber 

Carmello Anthony 

Chris Dickey 

Ciarah Bryant 

Dalton Bishop 

Elijah Melendez

Ethan Putz 

Hadiya Bakthari

Jackson Copeland 

Jefferson Lomon 

Jeffery Brown 

Kellen Mathis 

Kiele Rife 

Logan Yazdiya 

Mackenzie Malone 

Marcello Coleman 

Olivia Bass

Page Pearson 

Payton Franks 

Preston Guzik

Samantha Albert 

Shaku Sangarie 

Sheneariah Abbot 

Shi-Ann Peterson 

Tyler Terry



Abigail Crothers
Addison Brown
Aiden Gottberg 
Akelia Prier
Ansley Hicks
Anthony Hitchens 
Antonio Gonzalez
Ariyana Green 

Ben Hipp
Blake Leonard
Brad Flask
Brooke Flask
Cali Hartung 
Christian Parker 
Christopher Smith 
Cy'Kyia Davis
Dameon Jones
Devin Austin
Dianah Day 

EJ Lundy 

Emma Hughes 

Gary Rhett 

Gary Williams 

Harley Case 

Jack Eddy  

Jacob Tanner 

Jalen Hitchens 

Jhalil Richardson 

Josh Frey

Kayla McDowell 

Kennedy Rhett 
Kennedy Wayner 

Khamoni Thomas 

Khristian Kynard 

Kiara Smith 

Kierra Dines

Lavone Douglas 

Mackenzie Pitzer 

Madison Lakatos 

Madison Lee

Manual Cuevas 

Nico Flowers 

Riley Booth 

Sahar Agid 

Tara Tehrani 

Trammel Jones

Trevor Scott

Vincent Moultrie 




Thank you to all of our partners! This event would not have been possible without your support!

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