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Academic Boot Camp Launch at Lee High School

In partnership with Airstream Ventures and University Select, the Academics pillar of High School 9:12 starts at Lee High School.

University Select, a Jacksonville based tutoring service, brings an SAT/ACT preparation course to preparation course to participants. The six-week course is led by University Select’s founders, Jonathan Andrew and Ashleigh Barnes, and meet once a week for two-hour long sessions. Interested students were vetted through a selection process with the school administration and University Select staff in order to be able to participate to the boot camp.

Using PSAT scores as a baseline, the Boot Camp tutors will pinpoint specific subjects and types of questions that need the most attention through the training period, making the program personalized to each student.

“They are focused! They’re hungry to improve,” said Andrew, singing the praises of the students after the first session.

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