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Academic Bootcamp Recap

The first High School 9:12 Academic Boot Camp has concluded at Lee High School, and it is safe to say, the program is off to a great start! In just six weeks, University Select was able to not only teach test taking strategies for upcoming standardized tests, but were able to connect with students on a whole other level. As Principal Scott Schneider of Lee High School explains, many of his students did not feel like they had a strong support system in their corner, but with the partnership between the school, High School 9:12 and University Select, “we are able to invest in them and they are able to know that people truly care about them.”

The results of the bootcamp already speak for themselves. One student saw her score jump from the 900’s to the mid 1100’s simply by using the tools she learned in the program. In her email to University Select tutors Jonathan and Ashleigh, she writes, “I got my SAT scores back today. And I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I didn’t think I would get this score.” Another student saw positive results and Principal Schneider relayed the outcome by proclaiming, “We thank you!!!! One of the students in the group just received a 23 on the recent ACT exam!!!! She couldn’t pass it before and then hit a 23!!!!!!!”

But, the reality is that the mission of this initiative goes way beyond simply improving test scores. It is about boosting these students’ confidence in not only their academic abilities, but in themselves. Individuals who were not on track to even graduate from high school are now in the position where they are applying to colleges and universities and are developing a plan for the next stage in their lives. In most cases, they will break their family cycle and be the first to every attend college.

While we are ecstatic with the outcome of the first academic bootcamp, we know that we have only scratched the surface of what this program and High School 9:12 is able to accomplish. University Select’s Jonathan agrees. “Let's be honest, we have a lot to learn and a lot to work on. But this school and these kids mean more to us in a short few weeks than I ever thought possible.” With that being said, stay tuned for updates on academic bootcamp success stories, future bootcamps, etc. by following us on Twitter, on Instagram, and on Facebook.

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