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High school students to benefit from new scholarship program

High School 9:12 is pleased to announce its partnership with LandSouth Construction, a Jacksonville-based multifamily construction company, to launch the LandSouth Construction Scholarship Program, providing scholarships for Jacksonville area students.

The LandSouth Construction Scholarship Program will award multiple $2,500 scholarships each year. Eligible students must demonstrate classroom and academic excellence, community service, and leadership qualities. Students can apply online at until May 1.

The uncertainty of the world today is felt by everyone, especially our high school students. The LandSouth Construction Scholarship program is another way High School 9:12 can assure local families and students that the future is still bright, and help is available.

“We are thrilled to sponsor this scholarship program,” stated Erica Zumstein, LandSouth’s Construction’s Marketing Director and a board member for High School 9:12. “LandSouth is equally committed to contributing to the success of Jacksonville youth, now more than ever. High School 9:12 is a great resource for students to realize their vision of a college education.”

High School 9:12, a 501(c)3 non-profit, launched in 2018 by Airstream Ventures to create opportunities for students in sports, academics, and all areas of life. Over the past two years, more than 200 students have completed academic boot camps to prepare for college entrance exams. The results have been positive, leading to more lower income students achieving higher test scores, and benefitting from the Florida Bright Futures program. The LandSouth Construction scholarship program will provide even more funding to help these students realize their dreams.

The LandSouth Scholarship Program started in earnest this fall with a donation by the Law Offices of Pajcic & Pajcic, creating two $2,500 scholarships that will be awarded in May as well.

“Every child who dreams of attending college after high school deserves the chance,” said Alan Verlander, CEO of Airstream Ventures, who operates the High School 9:12 non-profit. “We are thankful to LandSouth for sharing our vision and joining our efforts with this partnership. Helping these students is more important than ever, especially with the changes and upheaval from Covid-19. We ask others in our community to consider donating to High School 9:12 so that students from our area will be able to attend and thrive in college next year.”

For more information about the LandSouth Construction Scholarship Program and how you can donate to the scholarship, visit High School 9:12’s website –

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