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The inaugural High School 9:12 Baseball Classic benefiting Walk Off Charities took place last spring. Eight Jacksonville area schools participated in last year's event at Sans Souci Park, including Atlantic Coast High School, Christ Church Academy, Fletcher High School, Ponte Vedra High School, Ridgeview High School, Stanton College Preparatory School, St. Joes Academy, and University Christian.


Walk Off Charities was founded in 2017 by Frank Frangie with the goal of giving all the children in Jacksonville a chance to learn and play baseball. Program initiatives include youth clinics, free baseball leagues, facility improvements, equipment donations, a high school tournament, and the "Celebration of Baseball" tournament.

Round 1

Fletcher def. Christ Church (5-1)

Ridgeview def. Stanton (13-4)

Atlantic Coast def. University Christian (9-6)

Ponte Vedra def. St. Joes Academy (9-3)​

Round 2

Christ Church def. University Christian (5-3)

St. Joes def. Stanton (4-3​)

Championship Round

Ridgeview def. Fletcher (10-6)

Ponte Vedra def. Atlantic Coast (10-3)


This event would not be possible without the support of our partners, including THE PLAYERS.